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Apple’s Long-Rumored Game Controller May Soon See The Light Of Day

I’ve long believed that touchscreens leave an exact one thing to be desired once it involves enjoying games, and if a replacement (and terribly curious) report holds true, Apple could feel an equivalent method. in line with PocketGamer.biz’s Jon Jordan, Apple has been meeting with developers on-the-spot at this year’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to speak a few forthcoming Apple game controller.

Jordan’s multiple developer sources claim that the Cupertino company has set-aside a gathering space beneath associate degree false name to speak regarding the game-centric device, tho' they weren’t ready to shed any light-weight on what the factor can seem like or once it'll truly see the sunshine of day. That said, Apple is expected to carry an iPad-centric event in Gregorian calendar month therefore it’s doable that this controller could also be formally undraped in exactly many weeks.

At first look, the prospect of Apple churning out a game controller of all things looks downright silly, however when mastication thereon for a moment the notion doesn’t appear quite as outre. You’d be in trouble to think about OS X as outstanding a platform for vice as Windows is (though some big-league developers square measure operating to vary that), however iOS plays home to a staggering variety of games and it’s not impossible to suppose that Apple would wish to reinforce the kinds of vice experiences out there to iPhone, iPod and iPad users. As such, a game controller sounds like the type of factor that Apple would agonize over obtaining right, and it seems that Apple could are doing simply that.

In the site’s 2012 review of the third generation iPad, AnandTech’s Anand Lal Shimpi and Vivek Gowri let slip a tantalizing delicacy once discussing the iPad’s college as a vice machine: ”I grasp of an inside Apple project to bring a physical controller to promote, however whether or not or not it'll ever see the sunshine of day remains to be seen,” the review reads.

What’s additional Apple has been seen bulking itself up with patents that relate to a possible vice push for a minimum of many years currently. This patent from 2008 describes an adjunct that wraps around a conveyable device with touchscreen (sound familiar?) and includes a typical D-Pad and button, whereas this one noticed in 2012 takes a rather completely different approach. Either way, these patents and the AnandTech comments create it rather clear that Apple has been mulling over a physical game controller (or one thing like it) and it's going to be time for those ambitions to come back to fruition.

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